The original Ballymahon Defibrillation Programme was established in Ballymahon Town & Surrounding Townslands in 2006/2007.

Initial Programme involved a Committee Set up, Purchase of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) & Equipment, Training in use of these AEDs & Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). Then ongoing Equipment Maintenance with Training Updates & Recertification. All training is provided free of charge by qualified Instructors following strict guidelines outlined by the Irish Heart Foundation (IHF) & Pre Hospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC).

The Programme simply allows those trained in AED use & CPR to ‘help save a life’ by providing Community Emergency Care to those suffering a cardiac emergency i.e. aimed to prevent sudden death by providing rescue breaths & chest compressions to someone who has collapsed and is unresponsive. CPR: helps keep oxygen-rich blood supplied to the brain and other body organs until medical helps arrives. Defibrillation: involves a trained person delivering an electric shock, with an AED, to the victim’s heart to help restore a normal heart rhythm.


Whilst the programme and committee continue successfully for the past 7 years, in Oct 2013 a need for new members and trainers was identified, so a new committee & trainers was elected as the Ballymahon Defibrillator Group. The new committee then established a Public Access Defibrillation System (PADS). This system means that all AEDs are now mounted in public areas for anyone, trained in their use, to provide immediate care, reducing & eliminating delays in Emergency Care which can mean the difference between Life or Death of a ‘loved one’.

AED Locations:


Presently 2 AEDs are sucessfully in operation at:

  1. ‘Nally’s Forecourt Spar/Topaz’ who, in support of the local Ballymahon Defibrillator Programme, purchased an outdoor heated box to protect the AED at that location so when outside temperatures drop the box will protect the machine from damage.
  2. ‘Top filling Station’ has also been fitted with a Heated Box provided by the Programmes Event Funding & Donations from various Towns Groups & Businesses in Dec. 2013.

There reamins a need for a 3rd AED at the Towns lower end, serving an area with busy merging traffic from the Athlone & Mullingar roads entering into the town.

Special Thanks!

To all our local business & those who, so far, have generously donated to help support this ‘Life Saving Programme’.

Please Contact Ballymahon Defibrillation Group:

If You are:

  1. interested in Training
  2. interested in becoming an Active Member
  3. previously trained & would like recertification
  4. just keen to know more about the programme

Chairperson: Liam Natton (Tele -086 844 4640) Treasurer: Darren Muledy (Tele -086 170 4394) Secretary: Cathy Casey

PRO: Edel Feeney